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Updated 11/14/2012

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John and Al checking out Marcs new scores!  U.S. Marine corps Mighty Mite and a WWII Cushman U.S. Army Air Corp airfield delivery scooter! Both have been sitting for over 25 years in a backyard!

John and Al Checking out the Mighty Mite  
Scott and Marc  knocked out a 9 hour restoration on my jeep on the day before the shoot! Talk about dead line!

Marc an the movie star!

Movie shoot! Marc an Scott take Marcs GPW an the Minter field air museums jeep to a movie shoot!

Can you say....field modification!   Marcs clutch pedal hit the floor in the middle of a shoot! So Scott tuck taped Marcs boot to the pedal!

Marc and Scott with an A-26 Invader
Marc and Scott take a ride on a B-25 Mitchell bomber
Veteran Event in Fresno
  Fred's Command Car   Minter Airfield's Jeep
Davis Monthan Air Force Base boneyard
  Vertol CH-21C Shawnee Headless F-15 Strike Eagle Martin PBM Mariner
  John's WWII anti tank cannon Scott driving Marc's Deuce O.D.D Jeeps at USO Fundraiser

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